Bio Bullets: Pennie Ann Nichols

Pennie Ann Nichols

  • Born in Louisiana.
  • Raised mostly in three southern states (Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama), dipped in California, and seasoned in the Basque province of Spain.
  • Over-educated at six institutions of higher learning on a journey through five changes in majors and three degrees.
  • Acci- or incidentally earned my Ph.D., which, according to my friend Edgar Ulchur, stands for Pérdida de Humor Diaria (daily loss of humor).
  • 14 years in teaching Spanish in university classrooms.
  • 20+ years in pajamas as a freelance editor, writer, author.
  • 29 years of motherhood.
  • 50+ years meandering along disorganized paths of self-discovery and self-creation. Are we there yet? Lord, I hope not.
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