The Longest Night

Tonight is the longest night of the year and the moon is just about full, almost super.

Professional photographers have been known to share and exchange stories of the extreme efforts they went through in order to get the shot. Awkward positions, uncomfortable weather or surroundings, painstakingly long waits. I’m not a professional photographer. In fact, I’m still a kindergartener photographer and will probably only graduate to 1st grade before I die. Still, I have some images to share, not because they’re great and not even because of the “extreme” measures I went through to take the shot(s). But to breathe out a little.Longest night

What’s my story on the longest night?

Barbed wire, ant beds, eye-high grasses, briar patches, highways, and muddy ditches. There was daylight when I climbed over the barbed wire fence, but I circled back and crossed the ditch towards home in darkness. I could have fallen face-first navigating those briar patches. Or slipped on the steep ditch into the mud. Or worse, tripped into the highway just as a giant diesel truck came barreling down the hill. I won’t take any photos of my ankles that bravely stripped through the briars, but suffice it to say, I survived my obstacles and came out on the other side with a couple of photos of the cold moon of the longest night.

I haven’t shared any thoughts on my blog lately, hence the need to exhale a bit. I process what I’m thinking and feeling through writing, but the emotional barometer has been high, so I’ve let the pen rest and allowed my thoughts to steep.

I will endure whatever awkward position, discomfort, or stay I must to wrap my head and words around the thoughts and emotions that have tied me up. But tonight, there are moon shadows and meteor showers. It’s cold out and hard to dance in the moonlight for long or sit and stare at the stars more than ten or fifteen minutes, but the chill on my cheeks feels fine.

My moon shadow casts long and clean, and I look forward to the arc of the sun climbing higher and longer through the days. I look forward to the light.Longest night

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7 Replies to “The Longest Night”

  1. Bonnie Aldinger

    The moon over the pond is breathtaking! It was just raining and raining and raining here in Brooklyn so how delightful to at least get a glimpse of last night’s moon. Here’s to longer days!

  2. Diane

    Stunningly beautiful shots, Pennie!
    Oh, the sacrifices we make for the things that matter. Just so you know, those sacrifices are appreciated and the shots are amazing.
    I, too, look forward now to the lengthening days, though the dark nestles me closer to home!

  3. Betty Gill

    My Dear Sweet Cousin,
    We, too, have been enjoying a delightful evening outdoors visiting several venues of Christmas lights displays each covered by the light of this beautiful moon! To God be the Glory for providing this opportunity! You and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks be to Jesus for precious memories! Merry Christmas! Luv ya!


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