Pennie of many trades

I tripped into this corner of Cyberverse by accident (hence, The Accidental Blogger). The accident began as a place to share thoughts about my interests—relationships, travel, cooking, gardening, canning, jewelry, and writing— but it has always ever been a place to practice the latter, writing, which is and always has been the thing.

I am a writer. I write in order to be.

  • Born in Louisiana.
  • Raised mostly in three southern states (Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama), dipped in California, and seasoned in the Basque province of Spain.
  • Over-educated at six institutions of higher learning on a journey through five changes in majors and three “accidental” degrees.
  • 14 years in teaching Spanish in university classrooms.
  • 25+ years in pajamas as a freelance editor, writer, author.
  • 30+ years of motherhood.
  • 60+ years meandering along paths of self-discovery and self-creation. Are we there yet? Lord, I hope not.
  • Accidental Blogs are posts that sometimes defy category. Maybe because it’s a mix of relationship and gardening. Or maybe it’s a random thought.
  • Alzheimer’s Bull are post about my mom’s Alzheimer’s journey. 
  • Connections are posts about community, family, and friends.
  • Garden & Recipes: what it sounds like! Posts about gardening (I adore peppers) and recipes.
  • Health & Beauty: a small section (not because I’m short on either!), but I include DIY recipes for skin care (lotions and other things we pay way too much for elsewhere).  
  • Stories & Poems are stories and poems. I’m writing a series of novels (the Seeking Scylla series), and a subsection here is dedicated to stories and vignettes connected to but outside the novels.
  • Garden Glass Words are memes of sorts, photos scribbled over with thoughts. Really deep thoughts.
  • Betterlands Shop is a link to my photocompositions.
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