Working with you

“I like working with you, ” she said casually as I walked away.

Why did this make make me tear up?

We had spent a few minutes, about 60, working on the greenhouse, repotting seedlings, watering.

“I like working with you.”

But you taught me all this we do.

I tear up because she doesn’t remember.

“I like working with you.”

She’s miles into the ALZ, but when I told her I wanted to take my flailing little seedlings to the greenhouse, she put on her jacket and followed me. She knew what needed to be done.

As I shook the delicate roots of the seedlings apart and repotted them into pierced Dixie cups, she collected rat-chewed bags, pulled down dried vines, then swept away the cobwebs. She prepped the greenhouse.

“I like working with you.”

She acts amazed when I pull off moves much less complex than the ones I watched her perform over the years. I tear up because she doesn’t remember that she taught me how.

“I like working with you.”

Mom, I love working with you. You’ve trained me well.

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7 Replies to “Working with you”

  1. Rena

    It wasn’t often but mom would say things out of the blue that would just kick me in the gut. I remember a particular time we were with my older brother and when he got out of the car she touched my shoulder and said, “I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have you”. It absolutely floored me and I sat in the front seat silently crying. I still remember how it made me feel.

    • Pennie Nichols Post author

      What I’m learning is that part of this journey for her is making her MORE connected emotionally and spiritually. I haven’t wrapped my head around all of that yet, but I see this happening.

  2. UP

    Knowing coworkers like and trusted me helped me make it though each day. When they expressed it, it was even better. Great post


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