Seeking Scylla

The Seeking Scylla Series

The Seeking Scylla series follows the story of Raqi, a Global Space Alliance pilot whose ship is hijacked by three android robots. After surviving a droid mutiny, Raqi and one crew member, Zani, are careening off course in a damaged ship, doing their best to reassemble the controls and thrust the ship towards Earth. The seven novels follow Raqi through her fall back to Earth, her escape from authoritarian rule and decaying earth to the CUUE, her flight through the galaxies to a new home, and coming to terms with the histories that humans live, invent, and survive.

The arc of this series is not only Raqi’s story from mutinied ship to a parched earth, and finally to new beginnings in deep space. The novels also explore the arc of a narrative, following the writer over four decades in As I Wait, the editor over three years in Just Another Book, the reader over a couple of months in The Hat Room, and beyond the novel to the screenplay scout, the screenplay writer, the director, and finally, the actor who plays Raqi in the screen adaptation of her story.

The target audience for this series includes mothers of any age and middle-aged women in general who enjoy works by authors such Jennifer Weiner, Laurie Frankel, and Barbara Kingsolver, sci-fi enthusiasts who enjoy works by authors like Diana Gabaldon, Emily St. John Mandel, and Margaret Atwood, and writers who enjoy works by authors such as Elizabeth Gilbert and Jana Casale.

Novel 1: As I Wait
Novel 2: Just Another Book
Novel 3: The Hat Room
Novel 4: Old New Beginnings
Novel 5: The Seed Ship
Novel 6: Star Tunnels
Novel 7: A New Academy