Dear Death,

It’s over.

I thought I couldn’t do it, but I’m breaking up.

You’ve bullied my serenity for the last time.

I’m done with your abusive tantrums that drown out the morning birdsong and dim the colors of a sunrise.

I’m fed up with your thievery, sneaking in at night to steal my sleep, disturb my peace, and displace my joy.

I feel better already just telling you, because it seemed impossible.

I’m grateful for my friends who reminded me that it is possible to step away from an abusive relationship., that I’m not obliged to make space for you, that I can sever the cords of co-dependence.

So adiós you sadistic bastard.

And I’m telling.

I’m going to make sure I tell everyone I know that you’re a schmuck, that you can’t be trusted.

Maybe I should be more mature about it and resist the name-calling but I want to get it all out of my system. I need to say it to release the rage I’ve allowed to swell within.

  • You’re a noisy narcissist, distracting everyone from the important people and things.
  • You’re a selfish jerk, with no respect for boundaries, poisoning our days with tension and stress.
  • You’re a thieving asshole, stealing the precious moments we should be living.
  • You’re a perfidious bully, taking up space and time that don’t belong to you.

So, Death, get the hell out. You don’t belong in my life. Honestly, I don’t even believe in you. I’m not sure I ever did. It’s a little crazy that I ever let you into my heart at all.

And don’t bother crawling back to me because I’ve already found something better. I’m dumping you to make space for Life.

I’ll run into you again. In our circle, it’s inevitable, but until it’s unavoidable, stay away. I don’t have time for you now. I have a Life.

©Pennie Nichols. All Rights Reserved. 2023