LTYM gives motherhood a microphone.

This is my LTYM cast spotlight.

Cast Spotlight: Pennie Nichols


It’s time for our very first cast spotlight of 2016 and we are so excited to introduce you to Pennie. She is an “experienced” mom and her piece is one that really gave my heart the flutters and made my eyes swell with tears. When she walked into auditions she brought a quiet strength and calming presence. She is a content writer for textbooks and a freelance writer for fun, and an all around just cool freakin’ lady. Get to know her a little bit, and then come out and see her in the show May 1st at the Manship!

pennie face

How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition?
I heard about Listen to Your Mother most recently through my local friend Connie, but also from my friend Danielle, who was in the 2013 Indianapolis cast.

I auditioned because I didn’t think this through. Performing arts is absolutely outside of my comfort zone. I do, however, love to share through writing. This LTYM experience will make me stretch, but I feel safe because I’ll be allowed to carry my security blanket (my words) onto the stage.

When did you start writing?
As soon as I learned to write and spell, I began to write poems and stories, and I often drew illustrations to go with them. In high school and college, I wrote mostly for school assignments: term papers and theses. As a freelance editor/writer, my writing continues to be about assignments, which is unfulfilling because the words aren’t mine. Last year I made a determination to redirect my writing energy and write for myself, or “write for real” as I like to call it.

Describe your writing style.
When I was about twelve, I remember working on a horror novel about a serial killer whose weapon of choice was a staple gun. Fortunately, I’ve lost that manuscript. My writing now is eclectic but tends to be introspective. My funny bone is packed under a few layers of fat, but I’m trying to find it. I write about things I love to do, imaginary friends and foes, and heart and social issues that are important to me.

What is something that you always tell your kids?
“Watch your letters!” when they use acronyms like WTH and WTF; and “Use your words!” when they substitute acronyms like LOL or OMG for words.

What is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is a large house on a quiet beach with sugary white sand. My family and several friends are with me (the house is ridiculously big). We have a grill, a boat docked on the pier, and a few cases of Marlborough County New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We cook, comb the beach, play games, fish, play music, float on the waves, SCUBA, and bask in the sun.

What is your mommy superpower?
Like most moms, I have many. Can’t find something? Mama!! Hungry? Mama!! Stranded with a flat? Mama!! I have trouble identifying “favorites” and “bests,” so I asked my children what they thought my ultimate superpower was. From the mouths of my three babes:
“You’re patient and compassionate.”
“No matter what we’ve done or chosen, you never judge us.”
“You effortlessly take the panic out of any situation.”
Based on their input, my ultimate superpower is not finder, cook, or lifesaver, but rather “defuser.” I apply patience and compassion to defuse fear, panic, and self-doubt so that my children feel safe to make mistakes, safe to come to me in a crisis, safe to call at any hour, safe to be themselves, safe to come home.

pennie fam

Come see Pennie and the 12 other incredible women at the second annual production of Listen to Your Mother: Baton Rouge on May 1! Until then, stay tuned here for more cast spotlights and information on our incredible and generous sponsors!