14, fourteen, XIV

However you scratch fourteen out.

They put me in Room 14 yesterday.

Three hours. 3. III.

Recording numbers



Testing blood, urine, mind…

You can leave your things there.

In room 14.

Today I finished the 13th Morning Pages notebook. Tomorrow I’ll crack open #14 and enter my 650th day of morning pages.


There is magic in numbers.

Power in repetition.

  • practice
  • prayer
  • persistence

Fourteen repeats in my life.



14. Fourteen. XIV.

They put me in room 14. Not 1, not 26, not 10 or 7 or 30. Room 14.

Five days after I stated my intentions around the number 14 in Newsletter 14I sat in room 14.


Divine reminder?

Who cares?

I stared at the number on the door. 14. I was reminded.

Mystery in numbers.

I love a mystery and I don’t need the answers. The nudge is enough.

So what are they? My intentions.

What will happen…

  • in 14 days?
  • in 14 weeks?
  • in 14 months?
  • in 14 years?

Octahedron intentions. Intentions in fractals of fourteen.

What can I do 14 times today?

  • this week?
  • this year?

Will there be magic in it?

What happens if I shift my attitude toward joy, just one degree at a time —that’s easy— for 14 days? Will I change?

Silly rabbit.

The magic constant of life is change.

But will it make a difference?

Yes! Don’t you get it? They make a difference. Intentions. Repetitions. Practice. Prayers. Persistence.

I’ll be different.

14… there will be difference, change, like it or not, so I summon the magic. I set intentions. And in those threads of intentional 14s, I experience change, difference.

Some changes I see coming, can’t stop, can’t control.

Mom’s number is up. I’m not sure what her magic number is. 5? Her birthday is 5/5. 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 months?

Will mom be with us in 14 days? 14 weeks? 14 months? We see it coming, but we don’t know.

I’ll be different. I’m already changed. We’re all changed.

But we must not be swept away. She would want us to stand, take the power. Set intentions.

Changes come each moment, 14 or no, intentions or no.

Don’t despair! Set the intentions.

  • 14 pushups
  • 14 miles of cycling
  • 14 lines of poetry
  • 14 minutes of meditation
  • 14 days of practice
  • 14 stories
  • 14 chapters of novel

Whatever they are, whatever your number, set the intentions.

In room 14, I feel the nudge, I hear the number 14: Change is inevitable. But you’re not powerless. Embrace the mystery of numbers, sway the inevitable with intentions.

14 times…

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