Do you ever write a Note to Self? Do you post your notes in your workplace? Or maybe on your fridge or mirror?

What is your typical Note to Self? A lesson learned? A reminder? Inspiration?

Notes to self can make a difference in your mood, your determination, and, ultimately, in the outcome of your efforts. Did you know you can even buy note to self socks?

I have good news for fans of notes to self and motivational messages. This year, each issue of Newsletter14 will feature an uplifting note to self and digital download.

Inspired by quotes, mantras, and my actual notes to self, these messages energize my writer self. But you need not identify as a writer or artist to tap into the energy they provide.

Print them. Tape them to your fridge. Use them as wallpaper or a screensaver on your devices.

If you’re already signed up for Newsletter14, you’re all set. If not, click here to sign up.

A note about my newsletter:

  • It publishes on the 14th of each month, only once a month out of consideration for your inboxes.
  • Each issue is brief to respect your time and light to brighten your moment.
  • Each number includes a photocomposition, and this year, the photocompositions are downloadable Notes to Self.

I’ll release the first 2024 issue this Sunday, January 14. Join me this year for some positive self talk and inspirational notes to self.

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