Do seemingly random insignificant memories (RIM) pop into your head from time to time? That thought that might live rent free in your head until you die? Hell, it might even outlive you.

I’m not talking about memories of significant moments, which, of course, deserve their places in the pantry of your brain. I’m talking about the ancient jar you pull out of the pantry, “Why do I still have this?” Those I-don’t-know-why-I-remember-that memories.

Funny. I’m trying to dredge a RIM up as an example—I have tons—and I’m coming up empty.

I think that’s part of it. Those random insignificant memories aren’t necessarily random or insignificant. They are connected, part of a sequence of thoughts we sometimes manage to recreate just enough to spark the RIM.

Next time one of my RIMs surfaces, I’ll pay attention.

  • What just happened?
  • What was happening back then?
  • Why are these moments connected?

It won’t be scientific or in any way conclusive, but I bet the exercise will personally satisfying, fun even. Connect the dots is always fun.

What are some of your random insignificant memories? Can you connect the dots?

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