Raise your hand if your best ideas come when you’re in the shower. I’ve got you: shower crayons.

I’m working on hacks for those driving-alone and mowing-the-lawn ideas. But so far, I haven’t come up with a hack that doesn’t put you at risk on the highway or that doesn’t produce an overwhelmingly disappointing audio file. But for the shower, we’re solid.

Buy the shower crayons. Marketed as bathtub crayons for kids, they are inexpensive, come in multiple colors, and clean up well. The next time brilliance rains down through the shower head, you’re ready. Grab a crayon and take notes in the shower.

One caution: Don’t make a big deal out of the crayons, lest you create a temporary idea clog. The brain seems to jam up a bit if you’re overly giddy or smug about the shower crayons. Then, there you stand, naked, holding a crayon, facing a big blank shower wall.

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