This is my 63rd birthday wish: I want to be a supermodel.

I won’t don a cutting edge outfit and saunter along the runway under the critical gaze of super-fashionistas and super-agents. What will I do? I’ll do my best to be a supermodel by living my life in full integrity and authenticity.

The Supermodel Life

Modeling is hard. Modeling requires patience, allowing, and perseverance.

When you model what you want to see in this world, the results you want will not come immediately. In fact, sometimes, your acts are tiny acorns and you may never sit under the shade of the oak of your intentions.

I embrace the delayed gratification and have faith in the outcome. Modeling is better than the alternatives. I know from experience that bitchy boss and constant critic tactics backfire.

The patient supermodel who models the life she wishes for others —day in and longass day out— walks a tricky catwalk because supermodeling requires allowing others to make their own choices. A supermodel detaches from expectations and, through boundaries and selflove, is never beset by the indiscretions or negative energy of others.

Super Clueless

Some supermodels don’t know they are. I have many supermodels in my life, and I would put money on this: they don’t know it.

Last month, I lost my most inspiring supermodel. She was one of the clueless ones. Although mom is gone, I continue to be surrounded by supermodels who super-specialize in specific super-traits.

I’ve learned from a couple of my supermodels how to sit with death, then move through grief without giving up on life. When I need to stand up for myself, create the boundaries, say the difficult things, I channel another supermodel in my life. I live in a circle of supermodels who teach me to have the fun, to tap into my creative energy, to embrace the joy.

I’m grateful for all the supermodels in my circle. During this first year of supermodel intentionality, I will make a point of letting each and every one of them know that they are supermodels in my life.

The great thing about being this kind of supermodel? You don’t have to super-stress over the small things like diet, clothing, agents, and contracts. You are free to focus on the super-important things: family, friends, joy, bliss,… free to live in authenticity and integrity.

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